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Online/Internet Counselling

Having re-located from my highly successful practice in Cheltenham I am now based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, I have my private practice where I can offer face to face sessions. I also offer sessions via Skype or via FaceTime therefore regardless of where you live around the globe you can schedule your sessions with me.

If you are unable, for whatever reason, to attend face to face sessions then online/internet counselling maybe an alternative option for you. My experience tells me, that although there are pro and cons, many of my clients can gain many of the benefits as having a session with me in my office. Ideally, the personal interaction is preferable but when this isn't possible there is the option available. Online sessions can offer many benefits to clients, saving time is the obvious advantage, another one being clients do not need to travel to my office, travel can be a problem for those with health issues or disabilities, or those who are limited by transport facilities or live in remote areas as well as those who would love to work with me but distance is simply too far. Taking the time to travel back and forth to appointments can mean even more time off work on top of the time of the session, travelling doesn't just cost time it is also an added extra expense. Clients can choose a time that feels right for them, an evening call after work is a lot easier than taking time off work on a regular basis, which for some is just not possible! Couples can also find online counselling a great solution, they can both 'attend' the session at home so no need to find child care. With my methods being so unique and so successful I regularly get recommended to people all over the world, I can easily and happily work around the different time zones! There are advantages all round and for me I can call from my home office which enables me to be a lot more flexible with the hours I can offer. If you feel this could be an alternative for you why not give it a try, don't give up on your hope of finding help.

I have provided counselling via Skype, FaceTime and WhatsApp to clients as far away as Sydney Australia and San Fransisco California USA. This option is available to anyone anywhere in the UK or beyond. If you would like to save time and money travelling to and from appointments and prefer the comfort and convenience of counselling in your own home. Counselling via the internet is £60 per hour.

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