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Having re-located from my highly successful practice in Cheltenham I am now based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, I have my private practice where I can offer face to face sessions. I also offer sessions via Skype or via FaceTime therefore regardless of where you live around the globe you can schedule your sessions with me.
What is different about RBR Counselling

Over the past 19 years Rapid Behavioural Reconditioning or RBR has been developing into a new and remarkably effective form of therapy based upon the latest neural scientific research. RBR is founded upon empirical studies and brain imaging that show how the brain actually works. Now that we can see the brain at work, we no longer need to hold on the antiquated and unsubstantiated models that have dominated psychotherapy and counselling.

RBR is principally about the states of mind and of being that we unconsciously create. We create these states for a purpose and everything we do has meaning. RBR enables us to examine the resources available to the state and to ask what is its purpose. These resources are mental, emotional and physical. RBR looks closely into each of these resources and how they impact upon one another.

State creation becomes a habit and we can become stuck in these habitual states, such as unhappiness, depression, irritability or anger. Unconsciously each state is trying to achieve a specific purpose. Neural circuits are created and hard wired together and they contain the thoughts, feelings and physiology of that particular state.

These neural circuits become activated at time to time and run in our minds and become conditioned and strengthened through use and, thereby, become habitual, conditioned and therefore automatic. The purpose of the state remains unconscious whilst the circuits are being run, leaving us feeling powerless and confused as a result.

RBR helps us understand the purpose of these unconsciously created states by bringing them into our conscious awareness. By bringing previously unconscious intentions into consciousness RBR rapidly reconditions the behaviour so that it is finally heard and understood or therefore implemented or stopped altogether.

RBR is about immediacy. It is phenomenological and about the unique person presenting now and reveals the very truth at the core of their therapy. The unique, individual truth. When the client hears this truth they know it to be true. RBR explains and brings into the light what's really been going on in their minds. Clients see and recognise their truth instead of being told what to believe they become more aware of the workings of their minds and can see and recognise it for themselves and therefore can consciously choose new and empowering ways of being in the world. RBR is not about clever methods or techniques, instead simply grounded in the truth that sets us free.

RBR is fast, easy and permanent. During an RBR session it’s not necessary to go over and over the past, digging up and re examining painful events. It is virtually content free and therefore, not a lengthy, drawn out process. In just six sessions remarkable progress is made. It may be hard to believe and you may be sceptical but just read the testimonials and hear what my clients have to say.
I had always considered myself to be mentally very strong but 2016 was an immensely painful and difficult year for me. In January 2016 something happened which caused me to experience a mental breakdown which I would never have believed I was capable of and, in fact, I refused to acknowledge for several months until physical symptoms also began to manifest. I had tried conventional counselling in February/March 2016 but found this a terribly negative experience and therefore very counter-productive. I stopped attending and thought I could simply carry on with my life and "power through" the difficulties. However, I became progressively more unwell and by May I was unable to work or to properly function in day to day life. It was at this time I recognised that I needed help beyond standard counselling. Through a search engine I came across Gary and, like you now, I read the testimonials. The issues I was battling with were complex. I could see no resolution to my problems and I felt there was no realistic prospect that I could be "fixed". I had six weekly sessions with Gary in May/June 2016. Unlike the earlier counselling I had undertaken, the sessions with Gary were a proper two-way interaction. I did not need to go into too much intimate detail and yet Gary had incredible insight into why I was reacting to situations as I was and he helped me to understand how I "ticked", how past events had shaped my behaviours. Gary has a very calm manner and made me feel very at ease. His help also extended beyond the actual sessions and he would send text messages and provide links to useful information to read. To my amazement I did not need to actively change or do anything. I simply felt what I can only describe as a mental "inner shift" one day, leaving me calm, at peace with myself, and in control. Most notably I have learnt to accept what I cannot change and to always live for the "now", that the past has gone and cannot hurt me. Plainly and simply, Gary's methods work. I will always feel a huge debt to Gary for his support and, most particularly, for his guidance towards achieving a happier life. I have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending Gary to you.
J, Gloucestershire January 2017
Meeting Gary was the best thing I have done in regards to my personal wellbeing. I had over the years tried counselling, however it left me feeling worse as I had to go through the events that led me to seeing the counsellor.  Whereas with Gary it's different he taught me how to deal with the problem and that I'm in control. He taught me how compassion and love is a great healer and great way to survive. On top of all this, Gary is a lovely man who I have found to be direct in his approach and passionate about his working and belief in his work. This is what I feel make him a success.
Mrs S.S. Cheltenham
I didn’t know what to expect when I first visited Gary. I guess I was going to “lie on the couch” and talk about myself whilst he passively listened, delivered his rehearsed spiel, gave me some cognitive behaviour exercises, blah, blah, blah. Having had some previous experience and preconceived ideas, I was sceptical to say the least. Well, all I can say is, that didn’t happen! It was very much a two-way discussion. As Gary said to me, it’s not necessarily talking about things you don’t want to talk about, but also hearing things that you might not want to hear. This was not in the form of negative criticism, but rather busting open long held perceptions and behaviours. It’s not that Gary told me how and what to think and do, I would have hated that, he only told me why I think and do things the way I do. This helped me to understand my inner frustrations and turmoil, by giving me some surprising insights into where my perceptions and reactions come from. Equally as importantly, and as a result of this, it has helped me to modify my outward reactions. He has helped me to learn “to engage my brain before putting my mouth into gear”. It has also enabled me to realise that others have certain conditioned thoughts and reactions, which are inevitably going to be different to mine. This has given me an empathy with others that I have never had before. Due to this simple education, the rage at perceived injustices, that was always just below the surface, has disappeared in a very short space of time. It’s not that it's just been suppressed, but quite simply, has vanished completely and I have attained an inner peace that I would not have thought possible just a short time ago. Perhaps most surprisingly, it has been a pleasurable and enlightening experience and I now have a hunger to not only discover more about myself, but about others too. A little knowledge is a very powerful thing
Patrick Wilson. Cheltenham 2016
At the beginning of this year I had an anxiety dream. My family had all had a run of the mill winter vomiting bug and I was anxious about getting it myself. I woke up in a panic having a panic attack. This was not normal for me as I didn’t suffer with anxiety on a day to day basis. I felt increasingly stressed and anxious and I looked on the internet for help near to me. I googled ‘phobia’ and ‘dealing with anxiety’ in the Cheltenham area and Gary Redmond came up. I sent an email to the address on the website and was contacted by Gary later that day to make an appointment. I instantly felt better after seeking help and Gary’s informal approach made it much easier to attend the appointment. I found his kind manner and relaxed room helped me to open up and discuss my issue, to which he immediately understood and helped me deal with. The information and tools he gave me are invaluable and the difference his guidance has made for me and my family is priceless. I met with Gary twice and felt like a different person. I have recommended Gary to other family members and friends already with a variety of issues to which they have had and continue to have life changing results within very few appointments. I can’t thank Gary enough for his help.
Jenny. Worcestershire 21st April 2015
I went to Gary after my third long term relationship had broken down, my daughters were disappointed in me, my family had failed me and let me go years ago. I was drinking too much too often, I really felt and looked like a broken woman. I had only 4 sessions with Gary. During the very first session he identified the issues in my life and there were plenty that were being dealt with by my inner child, her need to be loved not abandoned, her need of trust, respect and loyalty were causing, me,  the adult to revert to my sad childhood emotions when dealing with the majority of things! Gary taught me to be 'OK even if things aren't ok' to 'empower' myself and most importantly to 'stay in the now' and to love my inner child and let the adult 'me' reign supreme. Gary is straightforward, plain speaking but really does identify with you. He gave his time when I needed reassurance and sent me informative links which have given me great insight. I very highly recommend Gary and appreciate greatly his help so I can get my life back on track!
Mrs B. Cheltenham 2016
I was very troubled at the time when I saw Gary. After the second time talking to him I experienced a wave of relief. Though I slipped back into anxiety, I found each session helpful. Sometimes just being understood, sometimes being able to rethink, at other times helpful ideas would occur to me much later. It was a process I had to go through, but it helped immensely to talk to someone I found highly intelligent, perceptive and with a philosophy which challenged me to examine my often unhelpful ways of thinking. I have seen several counsellors and even one or two psychiatrists in my time, but I would have no hesitation in saying that Gary helped more. If you are looking for an effective, kindly and even challenging counsellor to help you, then I would have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending Gary.
Huw. Cheltenham
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