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Having re-located from my highly successful practice in Cheltenham I am now based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, I have my private practice where I can offer face to face sessions. I also offer sessions via Skype or via FaceTime therefore regardless of where you live around the globe you can schedule your sessions with me.
What is PTSD?

A PTSD is hard wired into our Neural Network, so therefore it's unconscious and automatic. Sometimes when we have had an experience we can be traumatised by it and we can relive it in our minds, this can cause flash backs to the events and can trigger a panic attack.

There is a reason why we do what we do and we must respect and understand the complex defences that our unconscious mind has put in place to protect us. We cannot simply use will power to overcome our PTSD.

A PTSD is also a strategy that is formed in the subconscious mind to avoid possible ‘pain’ in the future. It is basically a hard wired 'pain avoidance' strategy that has become painful in itself.

People often refer to a PTSD as being irrational, whereas in fact they are not irrational at all because the potential for the ‘thing’ you are afraid of can be very real. Things that happened in the past can of course happen again in the future and they sometimes do. The irrational part is that we believe that a possibility is the same as a probability when of course it isn't. The problem is how our minds distort possibilities and make them larger to avoid any possible ‘pain’ in the future, which in fact is highly improbable. This distortion is the irrational part of the strategy.

We need to understand the behaviour as a strategy, and that it is formed by the subconscious mind for a reason and that reason is to keep us safe, so why would we stop doing it? Not doing it is not safe! So we are left with the ‘pain’ of stopping the PTSD, or not stopping the PTSD, we are not providing much of a choice, this is the proverbial rock and the hard place as usual when it comes to PTSD.

What can I do for you?

I can help you to overcome your PTSD, not by teaching you how to use more willpower against it - you and I know that doesn't work! I will teach you how to use the right ‘key’ that will unlock the door to your freedom from your PTSD.

My PTSD sessions are
not hypnosis sessions; they are conscious explorations into your PTSD in detail. During these sessions we will uncover and bring into your consciousness your subconscious conditioned PTSD in detail. You will begin to understand why you feel the need to have your PTSD, and then we will then find ways to change.

With all behaviour there is a 'cycle' which first begins with a cue, which then triggers a conditioned behaviour, which then leads to a reward… The cycle is completed and lays dormant until it rises into consciousness again.

By understanding the cycle we can interrupt the pattern and understand what change actually means to you, once you have the meaning you will become highly motivated to overcome your PTSD.
"Together we will find the why and then you will find the how"
I was given Gary’s name and number following two nasty incidents whilst out cycling. I am an amateur road racing cyclist and spend many hours a week riding on local roads. As such, an accident is always a possibility and having had many near misses and been threatened quite a few times by aggressive drivers I knew it was only a matter of time. Unfortunately it finally happened and I was deliberately hit off my bike from behind by an angry driver who left me for dead and drove off! I was lucky not to have been killed and only incurred some nasty bruises and cuts. Initially I felt very little about the accident……no fear or anger…….just disbelief that someone could do that to another human being. A week or so later I started getting nightmares and the fear, anger and reality of the event hit me. I tried to just carry on and went back to riding as normal but I was constantly stressed and apprehensive. 2 months later whilst riding I was run down again. This time it was an accident (didn’t look before turning) and I ended up in hospital with nasty bruises and cuts but again, very lucky really.   I recovered from the physical injuries but my head had started to go to pieces. I felt angry all the time, sometimes upset, sometimes very tired and sleep was intermittent. A month later I had my first road race and hated every moment of it. I was actually scared and fearful during it and after 20 miles I pulled over and got off my bike. I realised I had to do something about it and contacted Gary.   I only had two sessions with him but everything changed………   We discussed what had happened and he explained why I felt why I did, why the anger was there and how to deal with it and what it was that made it so difficult for me to ride my bike again. It was amazing how quickly I changed. The anger receded and I regained control of myself, even when dealing with aggressive car drivers again I was able to remain in control and not lose my head even though I was angry. My wife noticed the immediate change in me and I remain to this day a much better and balanced person since the meetings which has helped in my everyday life as well as on the bike.   I greatly admired Gary’s way of listening and explaining to me the motions and emotions we all go through in our lives. The things we discussed and the way to deal with them had never occurred to me before, even though they seemed obvious after the discussion. He seems to have a great understanding of the way our minds work…….he knew mine better than I did anyway!
Nick Preece January 2016
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