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RBR Counselling for Depression
Having re-located from my highly successful practice in Cheltenham I am now based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, I have my private practice where I can offer face to face sessions. I also offer sessions via Skype or via FaceTime therefore regardless of where you live around the globe you can schedule your sessions with me.
Many people suffer from depression have tried Counselling, CBT and Mindfulness and nothing seems to work, and their lives can be very miserable indeed. From my practice in Shrewsbury I work with my clients using RBR (Rapid Behavioural Reconditioning) Read the testimonials telling how fast and effective this newest form of therapy is. Most people who suffer depression feel trapped as very often they don’t know why they get so depressed. Depression can be a chemical imbalance in the brain such as a Serotonin Deficiency and some clients are therefore encouraged to seek medical help from their GP or Psychiatrist in the form of drug treatment and this can help immensely. Depression can be caused by Bereavement, Postnatal Depression and Bipolar Disorder. Other forms of depression can be a result of our thinking.

Depression has so many symptoms from:

Continuous sadness and feeling low
Feeling hopelessness and helplessness
Low self-esteem
Feelings of guilt
Irritability and intolerant
Lack of motivation or interest
Difficulty in making decisions
Not enjoying life in general
Suicidal thoughts or self harm
Constant feelings of anxiety or worry
Speaking and moving slower than usual
Change in eating habits either more or less
Bowel movement problems
General aches and pains
Lack of energy and lethargic
No sexual drive
Menstrual cycle changes
Problem sleeping
Not keeping up with work commitments
Avoidance of social situations with family or friends
No longer taking interest in hobbies or sports
Relationship problems

There are varying degrees of depression and the impact upon a persons life varies according to the degree of the depression:

Mild depression and general malaise can have some impact of a persons life.
Moderate depression can have a serious impact on how a person functions in life generally
Severe depression can devastate a persons life and lead to being totally unable to cope with everyday life and eventual breakdown

When someone close to me suggested therapy, I honestly didn't think it would be for me in any way, shape or form. What? To sit with someone who doesn't know you and then you tell them personal things? How can this help? All I can say is that a weight has been lifted from me. Some things that I carried around for years have now left, never to return. It's hard to explain but when the penny drops, it's like you know your never going back to dragging all that unwanted baggage around again. To be open and honest in safe environment has changed everything for me. If a hiccup occurs (which I highly doubt) I know Gary will be there to put me back on track.
Mr C.P. Stroud 2014
I was very troubled at the time when I saw Gary. After the second time talking to him I experienced a wave of relief. Though I slipped back into anxiety, I found each session helpful. Sometimes just being understood, sometimes being able to rethink, at other times helpful ideas would occur to me much later. It was a process I had to go through, but it helped immensely to talk to someone I found highly intelligent, perceptive and with a philosophy which challenged me to examine my often unhelpful ways of thinking. I have seen several counsellors and even one or two psychiatrists in my time, but I would have no hesitation in saying that Gary helped more. If you are looking for an effective, kindly and even challenging counsellor to help you, then I would have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending Gary.
Huw. Cheltenham
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