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Having re-located from my highly successful practice in Cheltenham I am now based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, I have my private practice where I can offer face to face sessions. I also offer sessions via Skype or via FaceTime therefore regardless of where you live around the globe you can schedule your sessions with me.
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Gary Redmond the creator of RBR (Rapid Behavioural Reconditioning) and the founder of the Institute of Effective Anger Management

Come and experience my new groundbreaking therapy for yourself. This therapy really is revolutionary, innovative, fast and effective and my clients are astonished by the remarkable results.
Sessions are one to one, face to face, evening and weekend sessions available. Take action today to see an end to your problem forever. Ring me now for a chat about your problem on 07403 424327
Anger Management Specialist Gary Redmond is the creator of RBR (Rapid Behavioural Reconditioning) and founder of the Institute of Effective Anger Management. Anger is a big problem in many peoples lives. It can have devastating effects on relationships and children witnessing the adults anger. Most people who get angry blame others for making them angry when in fact the anger is already there within themselves and people spark it off. The source of the anger itself could go back many years.

Anger to some degree is a healthy and normal reaction to danger, to get appropriately angry and in proportion to the activating event is not unhealthy but the problem is when an activating event produces an angry response that is inappropriate and completely out of proportion to what has provoked it.

Angry people will find themselves getting angry much more often than people with a 'normal' degree of appropriate angry responses. It is as if the anger is always there under a thin layer just waiting for something or someone to trigger it. The thing that starts it off could be relatively small or the person who 'starts it off' can receive a whole life time of extreme anger raged upon them. This can be very dangerous for anyone coming into contact with the person suffering from a problem with their anger.

Partners of people with anger problems can live their lives in constant fear and stress never knowing when their partner might 'blast' or 'explode' and why. This causes a great deal of tension and stress to the degree that the angry person becomes impossible to live with. Anger can and often does spill over into violence.

People with an anger problem must get help for their anger eventually as it will lead to the loss of relationships, jobs and even freedom if the person is imprisoned for violence. Getting help with anger is better done sooner rather than later.

Over that past 15 years of working with hundreds of clients for thousands of hours I have developed a new and very powerful therapy that I have named RBR (Rapid Behavioural Reconditioning)

Many of my new clients come to me sometimes after years in conventional counselling and still their problem persists, they do not want to go over all their past yet again with another counsellor. I explain that RBR is virtually content free and there is no need to go over all the past again.

My clients often say that the experience of counselling with me is very different. Other counsellors would just sit and listen and the client would often leave the session feeling worse than when they arrived. My clients find working with me to be fast effective and certainly less painful than conventional counselling and has even been referred to as strangely enjoyable!

My methods are virtually content free and this is why RBR is so incredibly fast at resolving all kinds of issues including explosive anger, stress, anxiety, general unhappiness and relationship problems etc...

Many of my clients have tried other various forms of therapy including CBT before coming to me sometimes in desperation. My methods are fast effortless and pain free and above all permanent. Some clients have only come for one to three sessions to leave behind damaging aspects of their lives that they had dragged around for years and often decades.

I really urge you to read my testimonials to hear and understand how astounded my clients are at how quickly and easily change has happened for them in just a few sessions.

Come and experience my new groundbreaking therapy for yourself. This therapy really is revolutionary, innovative, fast and effective and my clients are astonished by the remarkable results.

But what is really extraordinary is that RBR can be explained, supported and validated by the most up to date neuroscientific research, it is therefore grounded in real science.

RBR it is not just another 'theoretical model' made up of melding old models together, it is not merely another cleverly constructed eclectic approach based on old ideas, it is truly brand new, fresh and unique.

RBR has taken my clients by storm and the majority of them now come via personal recommendation.

There are plenty of conventional anger management specialists and counsellors offering anger management, but if you are interested in a new and amazingly effective new form of therapy then I recommend booking an appointment with me. You won't be disappointed!

RBR is the fast and easy way to permanent change.

Anger management is a 6 session course. Total cost is £450.00 payable at the start of the course. The initial consultation is £75 and counts as session 1 so the cost is deducted from the course fee, Payment of £375 due on session 2.

Sessions are available day and evenings and are one to one. Take action today to resolve your problem forever.

I was aware for many years that I needed help in coping with the large amount of anger and defensiveness that I was carrying around. I suffered explosive anger which could be occasionally violent. I was regularly "hurt" and backed into a defensive corner, but I was so scared of traditional counselling, where I knew a lot of time was spent dwelling on the past and I knew this would only hinder me and exacerbate my problems, as it has done for so many people who have sought help through regular counselling. I went to see Gary after looking for many years for someone I thought might really help break the cycle of anger and regret that I suffered from. To say that I was cynical of any help is an understatement but I was desperate. Gary explained his methods to me, which seemed so simple that I genuinely thought this had no chance at a lasting deep change in me. After 5 minutes with Gary he had honed in on something I hadn't even spoken about to him, a time in my life which was so influential on my anger. He recognised it, pinpointed it and started to dig down to the real root of my uncontrolled rages. After 3 seasons with Gary real, permanent changes had happened to my mindset, my mood, my outlook and my acceptance to what was. His methods are very real, lasting and make absolute sense. This isn't anger management, this is a very simple, but very clever and effective way of letting the past go and realising how useless those feelings of anger are. My anger has gone. Simply and permanently. After 6 sessions I have left behind damaging aspects of my life that I had dragged around for so long. This has had a huge positive impact on all aspects of my life. My children are happier. My outlook on my career seems very clear, my partner is astounded and very grateful that my deep rooted anger no longer shadows our relationship. I'm happier. I worry less. I am able to think clearer. I like how I feel and I'm constantly coming across things which, in the past, would have triggered anger and unreasonable defensiveness in me, and I'm astounded at how I spent years ruining my life and making those around me pay for something which has been so easy and rewarding to give up. Gary's methods are far reaching. He has quiet confidence, obvious great experience in his field and his methods, I believe, could have a great impact on many areas of disfunctional behaviour. I'm still astounded that the baggage I hauled around for so many years, which damaged me and so many people I loved for so long, has gone. I'm not managing it. Im not hiding it. Im not transferring the hurt onto anything else. It's just simply gone. Needless to say, I'm still so blown away by the changes in me and I think that Gary's methods should be used extensively as there are so many people who could benefit so much from letting the past go. The day I left Gary's office feeling so light and feeling like a cloud had cleared was one of the very best of my adult life. I very much wish I had found Gary many years ago.
Jess Cheltenham October 2015
I sought Anger Management when I realised that throughout my life I had been a fundamentally angry person. The realisation finally occurred after another relationship broke down because of my angry outbursts. Anger up to this point had ruined my life! In my first meeting with Gary, he identified the childhood cause of my condition and the reason for my subsequent behaviour pattern. In subsequent meetings he explored other aspects of my character that also had an impact on my anger. The process was all about understanding the cause and becoming aware of the triggers. It then felt like a very straight forward and simple process of dealing with these triggers differently and changing my life-long behaviour. I really feel different now. I am dealing with issues that previously would have caused anger and pain in a much more positive way. Gary`s methods are quite amazing in their simplicity. I wish I`d met him 30 years ago.
Thank you Gary
Mr A.C. Cheltenham
I would not have visited Gary and undertaken the anger management sessions if my wife had not explained to me that I did not now have any choice if we wanted to stay together as a family. I guess that over the last 20 years I did not really feel I was the problem. It was always someone else’s fault when I flayed up and got angry with my family. I did however go to Gary with a totally open mind and a conviction that I would always tell the truth and accept the feedback however hard I might find it. From the very first session I was able to open up and discuss through Gary’s methods with honesty and I knew that this approach would really help. I was going to stop after a couple of sessions as I felt the issues had been discussed but my wife insisted that I continue. We did discuss each session at home afterwards and I came back to Gary with further revelations. In all I had 6 sessions with Gary. I am still unsure what he really did but I know he has transformed my life and my families and I am very grateful indeed. I am especially pleased that my children will at least see me in a new light before they go off to University and I can only hope that I will not have scared them too much. We are much happier at home and are getting on and doing activities together.
Mr M.S. Cheltenham
Gary Redmond has a gift to give our angry world. It is the gift of understanding our anger - why, when and how we get angry - and empowerment to take control of our own lives by simply disallowing anger from manifesting itself in actions that are detrimental to ourselves and those around us. Gary recognizes that we cannot cure anger and indeed that anger is a healthy, natural human response. We cannot eliminate it completely and we should not expect to... however, by recognising our anger in the very moments that it takes its dark hold on us, and by recognising that our actions in the next moments can cause us more pain, more anger; we can overcome the negative effects of anger and truly free ourselves from an angry life. No good can come from hurling your internal anger at someone else, even if you believe that person has caused your internal pain - I have learned that the hard way. Turning anger into indendiary bombs only incites more anger. Anger expressed poorly spreads like wildfire between people and the internal flames can only burn hotter when anger is unleashed. My own anger is explosive and has severely damaged my relationships, my family, my lifestyle and my outlook. Gary’s revolutionary new system has helped me to overcome my angry ways using just 4 words. The simplest of solutions can emerge from great underlying complexity and analysis. Gary has devoted his career to understanding the triggers and solutions for managing anger and has arrived at a 4 word solution, abbreviated to 4 letters: RIPP. To me, the 4 words and the techniques that surround them have great depth. They appeal to my intellect, my spirit and my heart. They are extremely powerful when used correctly and consistently. When you find yourself in the fiery chasms of an anger response, the awareness of Gary’s teachings summarized as “RIPP” is all you need to harmonise your mind, body and spirit and find inner peace when it matters most. By condensing all the complexities of anger management into “RIPP”, Gary has achieved a method that is pragmatic and realistic in the moment when our conscious mind is at its most unsettled and least likely to get a grip. Rather than explode, we instead find that we can internally state “I am RIPPing” and that alone is enough to trigger the anger to subside - to allow us to accept our anger, restore calm and explore alternate, more productive ways of expressing our anger. Gary is a master of promoting self-awareness in the very moment of anger surfacing and providing effective tooling to dissipate anger and avoid the inevitable aftermath that anger so often inflicts. Gary can teach you how to turn anger into peace with his techniques. RIPP is a simple solution. However, the simplest of solutions can emerge from great underlying complexity and analysis... and more importantly, the simplest solution possible is what we truly need in the most chaotic moments of an impending explosion. Being able to utter RIPP in my mind is far more effective than any other tool or technique I have encountered for dealing with anger. I cannot recommend Gary’s teachings enough for anyone who has suffered from their anger response and wants to free themselves from an angry life.
- Adam T, Ireland July 2018
A few months ago I found myself in an emotional state that was spiralling out of control rapidly. Failed relationships, rapidly increasing stress levels which was turning me into an angry man and a nightmare to live with. I had touched on my issues with GP but the free services she pointed out never returned a call or email…. Sign of the times I kept telling myself .be patient help will come to me eventually and these services were probably inundated with people with needs far greater than mine. After a good cry whilst driving to see my partner I decided right enough is enough. if the help won’t come to me I will find some before I find the hole I was sinking into gets too deep ….so I searched for somebody local who could possibly help. … it wasn’t long before I found the services of Gary Redmond…. I pondered and finally picked up courage to make that call. Upon dialling the phone was promptly answered and after a brief discussion I was offered an initial consultation followed by a course or alternatively get straight down to business on the first meeting. Well I chose the let’s get on with it I needed help and sooner the better. Meeting number one …. upon finding his office conveniently located in central Cheltenham I was greeted by Gary and warmly welcomed to his office … from this point onwards I was in very unknown territory. Nervous was an understatement! with myself sat in what can only be described as very comfy chair Gary began to change my life for ever. before long I was talking to him like a best friend everything just spilled out poor bloke must have thought what have I got here …. after what seemed an eternity the session drew to a close with Gary advising that a further five sessions would have me in a better place .as I left and to be honest was feeling rather strange. a nice strange a though something was happening to me but what was it. anyway I continued my regular sessions for a further two visits ……. then on the fourth visit I was asked to revisit a recent situation that USED to enrage my anger. however hard I tried the anger didn’t surface …. not even remotely! the time had come for this 45-year-old bloke to begin living a life I could only have ever dreamt about. So my advice to anybody who feels their life is spiralling downwards out of control get Gary's details and make contact with him you won’t regret it! Ps before you think this is some sort of weird sales promotion it isn’t, its simply the truth. ….
Mr I. A. Cheltenham 2016
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