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Welcome to the Counsellor Coach in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

In my Counselling practice in Cheltenham I combine a unique mix of Counselling, Life Coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy. Sometimes people need some help with the way they think and feel. Coaching by its nature is more directive than Counselling. So I have all the skills, theories and experience of a Counsellor combined with the more up to date pragmatic, challenging approach of a Life Coach.

My clients often say that they have been to counselling before but the experience of counselling with me is very different. Other counsellors would sit and listen and the client would often leave feeling worse than when they arrived. My clients find working with me to be fast effective and certainly less painful than conventional counselling.

I have had many years of experience helping people to overcome all kinds of problems, and no matter what the issue is, it is my belief that the unconscious mind is not malicious and whatever we do, we do it for a reason. All behaviour is communication! Depression, stress, anger, panic attacks, relationship problems... everything is communication. It is my job to understand the language of the behaviour and communicate it in a way that is finally understood.

Also, with the use of the most up to date psychological technology such as NLP we can literally ‘rewire’ our minds to achieve the kind of results we want. NLP can be described as ‘a user manual for the brain’. I integrate many of these cutting-edge techniques and methods into my unique approach.

Feelings are the body’s reaction to a thought or our beliefs. Therefore, if a person can change their thinking they can change how they feel. And, if you change how you think and feel it changes what you do! So, a change in thoughts and feelings results in a behavioural change.

When we change our behaviour, our experience of the world also changes. We start to see new results that challenge our beliefs and our old ways of thinking. This results in a change to how we feel.

This unique combination of Counselling, Life Coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy results in a therapeutic method that I have named Rapid Behavioural Reconditioning or RBR. Through the use of RBR I can help a client make lasting changes, fast!

I am not the kind of counsellor who will just sit back and listen to a client’s story, week after week, dragging them through the mud of their past. I am constantly looking for the unique meaning clients have made of their life's experience and challenge it and finally help clients to realise that they have a great deal more choices than they first thought. I think people do the best with what they know. When they know better, they do better. That’s what it’s really all about: AWARENESS and choice!

When a client comes to me I help them to become aware of things that were previously outside of their awareness. In very little time their situation changes - what was at first in darkness is brought into the light of awareness. When this happens, they see a fast and lasting change! That’s what I do.

There are plenty of conventional counsellors in Cheltenham, but if you are interested in a new and amazingly effective form of therapy then I recommend booking an appointment with me. You won't be disappointed!

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