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The Counsellor Coach Gary Redmond the creator of RBR (Rapid Behavioural Reconditioning)

Come and experience my new groundbreaking therapy for yourself. This therapy really is revolutionary, innovative, fast and effective and my clients are astonished by the remarkable results.
I am free from a dark cloud and the feeling can only be described as total elation! This has been an incredible journey for me I still cannot believe I have only seen Gary three times. I am forever grateful as he has given me my life back
Hannah Cheltenham May 2015
Most counsellors are trained to use various theoretical approaches of therapy with their clients but they all use the person centred model for their way of being with their clients and this forms the basis of the very important therapeutic relationship between the counsellor and client.

Over time many experienced counsellors develop through their practice of working with clients, what is known as their own eclectic style, this means that the counsellor will combine a number of different theoretical approaches and come up with something appropriate to the individual client's needs.

Over that past 15 years of working with hundreds of clients for thousands of hours I have developed a new and very powerful therapy that I have named RBR (Rapid Behavioural Reconditioning)

Many of my new clients come to me sometimes after years in conventional counselling and still their problem persists, they do not want to go over all their past yet again with another counsellor. I explain that RBR is virtually content free and there is no need to go over all the past again.

My clients often say that the experience of counselling with me is very different. Other counsellors would just sit and listen and the client would often leave the session feeling worse than when they arrived. My clients find working with me to be fast effective and certainly less painful than conventional counselling and has even been referred to as strangely enjoyable!

My methods are virtually content free and this is why RBR is so incredibly fast at resolving all kinds of issues including explosive anger, stress, anxiety, general unhappiness and relationship problems etc...

Many of my clients have tried other various forms of therapy including CBT before coming to me sometimes in desperation. My methods are fast effortless and pain free and above all permanent. Some clients have only come for one to three sessions to leave behind damaging aspects of their lives that they had dragged around for years and often decades.

I really urge you to read my testimonials to hear and understand how astounded my clients are at how quickly and easily change has happened for them in just a few sessions.

Come and experience my new groundbreaking therapy for yourself. This therapy really is revolutionary, innovative, fast and effective and my clients are astonished by the remarkable results.

But what is really extraordinary is that RBR can be explained, supported and validated by the most up to date neuroscientific research, it is therefore grounded in real science.

RBR it is not just another 'theoretical model' made up of melding old models together, it is not merely another cleverly constructed eclectic approach based on old ideas, it is truly brand new, fresh and unique.

RBR has taken my clients by storm and the majority of them now come via personal recommendation.

There are plenty of conventional counsellors in Cheltenham, but if you are interested in a new and amazingly effective form of therapy then I recommend booking an appointment with me. You won't be disappointed!

RBR is the fast and easy way to permanent change.
After 3 sessions with Gary real, permanent changes had happened to my mindset, my mood, my outlook and my acceptance to what was. His methods are very real, lasting and make absolute sense. This isn't just counselling, this is a very simple, but very clever and effective way of letting the past go and realising how useless those feelings of anger are. My anger has gone. Simply and permanently. Needless to say, I'm still so blown away by the changes in me and I think that Gary's methods should be used extensively as there are so many people who could benefit so much from letting the past go.
Jess Cheltenham October 2015
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